Indegene launched a data-driven pharmacy launch platform

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Achieving promotional success in an increasingly fragmented professional landscape requires a tailored approach.

To achieve that goal, life sciences commercialization company Indegene officially launched a new tool that leverages physician-level data and other insights to assist biopharmaceutical companies in personalizing campaigns Tuesday morning.

Indegene has validated the tool, dubbed Invisage, and the company is moving all of its current clients to the platform. Invisage leverages data from more than 2 million healthcare professionals (HCPs) and more than 200 million HCP interactions derived from real-world campaigns. The data is integrated with the ability to segment and target, deploy and manage and optimize incrementally.

“Marketing is moving rapidly towards this hybrid, which is putting the doctor at the center and understanding their preferences,” said Nancy Phelan, SVP of omnichannel activation at Indegene.

Doing so was, until recently, a much simpler exercise. Either customers like face-to-face or non-personal promotions. Now, the choice is no longer binary.

“It was the wrong choice; You don’t have to make that choice again,” explains Phelan. “A data-driven approach is needed to enable life science companies to adopt an omnichannel sales and marketing approach, as opposed to the traditional, either/or model.”

In fact, he adds, marketers who view the Health Professions holistically will have a better chance of engaging them. That’s why Invisage’s tools focus on analyzing interest — from their preferences for digital channels to how they prefer to receive different types of content.

Some clinicians are more likely to respond to messages that come through a clinical lens than through the lenses of patient affordability or quality of life. Then there is the physician’s unique personal situation – localized managed care descriptions in terms of access and affordability, for example, and timing or choice of devices.

Invisage then leverages machine learning and AI algorithms to display content the way you want it, based on the similarity of the channel and content. That process also helps clients get the most out of each channel.

For example, in the traditional drug launch model, which is largely face-to-face detail oriented, representatives often need to make multiple sales calls to increase product awareness and HCP understanding of dosing, let alone adopt a drug in their product. practice. Struggles in terms of reach and frequency are not uncommon.

In a hybrid model, representation is just one channel that, if preceded by other marketing touchpoints, can become even more powerful.

“We are trying to find ways to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of all channels, including the critical representative channels, to ensure companies maximize the impact of the resource choices they make in helping Healthcare Professionals have an extraordinary experience,” said Phelan.

The platform is designed to continuously adapt and adapt to the engagement of Health Professionals throughout the campaign. Invisage can be used by companies of all sizes to optimize their budgets and drive revenue, according to Indegene.

“We will continue to update the platform and deliver additional data sources, channels and capabilities as part of the roadmap,” said Phelan. “Companies that can take a more strategic approach to orchestrating personalized HCP experiences are the ones that will be successful in the hybrid world that is here to stay.”

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