InnovationRx: Entrepreneurs Are ‘Deeply Concerned’ About the Cost of Weight Loss Drugs

InnovationRx: Entrepreneurs Are 'Deeply Concerned' About the Cost of Weight Loss Drugs

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EEmployers’ views on how much influence virtual healthcare will change service delivery for their employees may have peaked during this pandemic. By 2021, 85% of companies surveyed by Health Business Group said they believed virtual healthcare would have a significant impact on the way healthcare is delivered in the future. In 2023, only 64% think the same, according to an annual survey released this week, which includes 152 large companies representing 19 million employees and their dependents.

The Business Group On Health also highlights the weight loss drug known as GLP-1, which includes Ozempik And Weg. More than half of the companies surveyed are “very worried” about the long-term cost implications of GLP-1. Ninety-two percent of companies say they offer guaranteed diabetes medication by 2023, while only 46% offer guaranteed weight loss. One of the most common coverage criteria is that coverage must be accompanied by lifestyle modifications and patients must meet a certain BMI or have certain other conditions. A recent poll by KFF found nearly half of US adults expressed an interest in taking drugs for weight loss, but changed their minds when given more information that the drugs required weekly injections and may not be covered by insurance.

Amazon’s Radical Plan For Healthcare: À La Carte Pricing

When ordering a hamburger at a restaurant, you know how much it will cost before you start eating. When going to the doctor in the United States, it may take weeks or months before you know how much a visit to the doctor costs. With Amazon Clinic, one of the world’s largest technology companies is working to bring real transparency to the healthcare price black box. Patients can see waiting times and up-front prices, but there are limits to what the world’s largest retailer can do to reduce the $4.3 trillion the US spends on healthcare.

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Channel & Deal Updates

RSV: The FDA approved Pfizer’s Abrysvo vaccine against the respiratory virus RSV to be given to pregnant parents to protect babies from birth to six months. This is the first maternal vaccine approved in the US

Magnetic Surgery: Levita, which has developed a minimally invasive surgical platform that utilizes magnets to enable invasive incision-free surgery, announced that it has received FDA approval for its technology.

Women’s health: Visana Health raised $10.1 million in seed funding, led by Flare Capital Partners and Frist Cressey Ventures, for a virtual clinic for women’s health.

Artificial intelligence: Genesis Therapeutics is raising a $200 million Series B fund, co-led by an unnamed investor and Andreessen Horowitz, for an artificial intelligence platform for drug discovery.

Cell Analysis: Lightcast Discovery, which has developed a platform for single-cell functional analysis that has the potential to enable simultaneous testing of tens of thousands of cells, announced it has raised a $49 million Series B round led by M Ventures.

This Startup Just Raised $60 Million To Help Cancer Patients Navigate Their Treatment

When a patient is told that they have been diagnosed with cancer, it can be both frightening and confusing. From medical jargon to drug names to complex procedures, they have a wealth of information to interpret and store. In addition, they also have practical concerns about how to pay for treatment or even arrange transportation to their appointments. This is where startup Thyme Care wants to help by providing 24/7 support helping patients navigate their care in everything from chemo to making sure they have groceries.

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Other Health News

California Blue Shield hopes to save $500 million per year by terminating affiliates CVS Health Attention Sign and shares its pharmaceutical benefits with other companies, incl Amazons And Flag CubanCost Plus Drugs. But CVS Caremark will still provide specialty pharmacy services for health insurance company members with “complex conditions”.

The FDA is expected to approve the new one Covid-19 Booster targeted at the most common circulating variants around the end of September, which is why some doctors recommend holding off until then.

A federal appeals court ruled to reinstate the abortion drug restrictions mifepristone, however nothing will change until the Supreme Court decides – or decides not to hear – the case.

South Carolina six weeks abortion ban will enter into force upon confirmation by the state Supreme Court.

Health officials in Washington state have linked this to a small case listeria outbreaks to improperly cleaned milkshake machines at local restaurants.

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