Jonah Hill’s ex Sarah Brady hospitalized for ‘involuntary mental arrest’, treated ‘like a cruel animal’

Sarah Brady on Instagram.

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22 August 2023 | 08:36

Sarah Brady admits she experienced violence when she was accidentally admitted to the hospital.sarahhbrady/Instagram

Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brady, claims she was hospitalized for “unintentional mental arrest” and treated like a “street dog” just weeks after accusing the “Wolf of Wall Street” star of emotional abuse.

Brady, 24, shared a disturbing video on his Instagram Story on Monday showing a bruise on his arm while alleging that he had been “tied up” by medics who laughed at him and “treated.” [her] like a cruel animal while [she] still be human.”

“Medics tied me up, put a mask in my mouth, put a net over my face, LAUGHING AT ME,” he wrote in the post, tagging Hawaii’s Queen’s Health System.

Brady claimed the medics “INJECTION [HER] WITH DRUG INVOLUNTARY [sic]and did not give him water.

“I’m sure the ambulance bill will be huge,” he added.

The surfer, who previously shared that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, said he was “never informed” of any illegal acts he was involved in before being restricted by his whims.

Brady shared a picture of his bruises on Instagram.
“The medics tied me up, put a mask in my mouth, put a net over my face, LAUGHING AT ME,” he claimed.
The surfer alleges he was never given a reason for why he had an involuntary mental arrest.

“They just asked if I was drunk. I clearly stated, ‘No. I had nothing that day,’” he recalls. “I had a beer the night before or something, then they asked me if I had a mental health condition and I was honest.

“I don’t know if it would be better if I said no.”

Brady later shared that he knew he was “guilty of ‘reckless driving’ on the golf course the night before,” but he “wasn’t stopped for that” at the time and he wasn’t told of any reason for his alleged hospitalization. which was unexpected. .

Brady said he was forced to live on a mat in a concrete room.
He also alleged that he was “treated like a street dog.”

“I actually chose to go with the police [to the] ambulance when I was offered a choice but then the officers said I would drink water if I got in the ambulance,” she explained, adding, “So I did that because I was so dehydrated.”

Brady went on to share his horrific experience during his hospitalization in another post on his Instagram Story, sharing a photo of a person sleeping on a thin mattress on a dirty bedroom floor.

“This is how my room looks but no windows, concrete walls, concrete floor and a mat on the floor looks more like a gymnastic or yoga mat,” she wrote. “The only window in the whole place is a small skylight. Thank goodness they didn’t make me shower in an open shower without a curtain.”

He said he was never told that his reckless driving was the reason he was hospitalized.
Brady shares his experience of bringing awareness and helping others.

Brady stated that after being cooperative for an hour, he was moved to another room where the same type of bed was “in a plastic chair”.

“I agreed to be injected without knowing what or [sic] Formerly. I don’t care. I knew I had to play their game to get out,” he wrote. “Everyone talks to me like I was a kid and keeps calling me ‘darling’ in the same tone as the big bad wolf.”

Brady admits that this is not his first experience being hospitalized accidentally.

Brady shared that he had been hospitalized by accident several times in the past.
He struggles with bipolar disorder.

“This is like the fourth or fifth time I’ve been hospitalized and treated like a street dog, so I’m not really surprised, but this is the most violent violence I’ve ever experienced,” she said.

Brady said he wanted to tell his story publicly on Instagram to protect himself and hopefully help others in the future.

“I know I’m not the only person going through this, so take care of yourself, keep as safe as you can,” he said.

Last month, she accused ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill of emotional abuse.
Brady admitted that the actor forbade him from posting bikini photos on social media.

“I hope I can provide some resources in the future,” he added. “I don’t know what else I can do at this point apart from making a public announcement for my safety.”

Page Six reached out to the Queen’s Health System for comment.

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Brady made headlines last month when he accused Hill of emotional abuse and shared screen recordings of an alleged text conversation in which Hill told him not to wear a swimsuit on social media.

He also claimed that the “Superbad” star, 39, had sent him messages demanding that he not have “no limits” [sic] inappropriate friendships with boys” or “friendships with women who are in an unstable place” if he wants to remain her boyfriend.

Hill has not publicly commented on the allegations.

Shortly after, Brady released additional messages that allegedly showed Hill sexting him right before his romance with fiancé Olivia Millar began. Hill and Millar welcomed their first child in the spring.

Hill has yet to directly respond to the allegations, although he did appear to be sending a cryptic message by selling an “emotional tote bag” when their alleged private conversations hit headlines.

Earlier this month, Hill looked slim and vibrant as he stepped out in Malibu, California, with a new shaved hairdo.

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