Kim K’s Trainer, Senada Greca, Reveals What She Eats On Vacation To Maintain Her Bikini Body

Kim K's Coach, Senada Greca, Reveals What He Eats On Vacation

Fitness trainer Like Grecafitness trainer from Kim Kardashianis currently enjoying some rest and relaxation on a beach vacation in her little bikini!

The Zentoa founder took to Instagram last week to share a video featuring her doing a beach bikini workout which featured her using rocks for weights! She quickly followed up with a video that not only got fans looking at her beach body but also what she ate during her vacation!

Kim Kardashian’s Fitness Trainer, Senada Greca, Reveals What She Eats To Maintain Her Bikini Body

Instagram | Like Greca

The popular fitness trainer starts her video by posing barefoot on a rock in an orange bikini. He then started showing clips of him starting his day with a cold soak and working out before giving fans what they really want to see: food! He also gave fans a look at his new haircut as he ate a variety of healthy foods.

“Holiday routine and what I eat in a day – or rather what I eat today,” explained Senada in his statement. Even though I do my best to relax on vacation, I still love creating healthy routines. The day starts with a Cold Plunge in the morning and a 10 minute look at the sunshine Full body workout at the beach which is awesome and I’ll be putting it up tomorrow.

For breakfast, Senada enjoys four scrambled eggs with feta and a side of turkey and bacon. He also ate a bowl of blueberries and strawberries that wasn’t captured on video. For lunch, she has tacos with chicken Caesar salad and an ice cream sandwich by the beach. For dinner, he had grilled sea bass with vegetables. He also enjoyed a piece of bread and a bowl of fruit which was not captured on video.

Fans love to see what he eats in a day. “You are extraordinary! I find it very important to make sure I stay on regular vacations so I can still feel like myself,” commented one fan. “Same. I enjoyed my vacation more,” Senada replied. “Random question… if you don’t mind… what is your body fat percentage?” asked another follower. “I didn’t really measure it. Was a while ago when I was a little lighter (about 6 lbs) by about 11%,” Senada replied.

So… Who’s Hungry For A Beach Bikini Full Body Workout?

Senada Greca full body workout beach bikini
Instagram | Like Greca

As promised, Senada totally posted her full body beach bikini workout. He started by literally throwing a rock over his shoulder into the ocean. He then clings to another rock as he goes up and down the sand, which is harder than it looks! He held on to the rocks for the rest of his workout, even doing lunges and rows with them!

“Who remembers my rock practice? This is a must whenever possible. Get in touch with your primal self and realize the power within,” he wrote in the caption, reminding his followers to share it with other warriors! Actress Kim Shannon commented, “Knowing me, I probably accidentally dropped a rock on my head and suffered a concussion” which was met with many “same!” replies.

“One of the best bodies in the world,” commented one fan. “Which planet are you from?” asked another follower. “This is amazing,” a third fan chimed in. “I really like your body. I started training, and that’s my goal. Let’s see how it goes. Congratulations on your consistency and determination; you are a good model!” another follower shared, to which Senada replied, “Keep crushing it baby. You got this.”

“I don’t just see amazing muscles and bodies. I see discipline, commitment, hard work, strength,” said another fan. “Thank you dear,” replied Senada. Travel influencer Fanak Bayati wrote, “You look amazing but can I do this over a margarita?” Senada replied, “Practice first, margarita later” alongside a laughing face emoji.

Interested in more Senada Greca content? In a recent Instagram post, she shared another beach bikini workout with an ab focus! Fans can see the practice by clicking here!

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