Michael Cera Depressed After Finishing His Wildest Movie

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Michael Cera enters Scott Pilgrim vs. World

Based on Hollywood ReporterMichael Cera had a difficult time emotionally after production ended Scott Pilgrim vs. World. He enjoyed making the film so much, he said, that he didn’t want it to end. The film, as the actor noted in a GQ interviewing publications shared on YouTube, long shot, but he wants to move on.

Michael Cera loves to create Scott Pilgram vs. World so much, that even after production wrapped, he wished it had continued.

Directed by Edgar Wright, Scott Pilgrim vs. World features Michael Cera in the title role. Although the film was a financial failure, it received multiple award nominations and has since developed a cult following. The romantic action comedy is based on Pilgrim Scott graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley and features a unique visual style that takes advantage of its Toronto setting and echoes comic book and video game imagery through a suite of practical and digital visual effects.

scott pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim vs. World

Michael Cera has stated in interviews that he has a great time making films and really enjoys being with his co-stars. The actors and crew shot the film for about nine months, so it’s understandable that they developed a pretty good rapport, but the star says they spent additional time together in rehearsals before production even started on the film. He related that the group had what he called “the biggest vibe”, which he attributed to the attitude and energy that the director brought to the set.

The film follows Michael Cera’s Scott Pilgrim, who plays bass in a garage band, as he battles his new evil ex-girlfriends—seven of them—for his record deal and love. That Barbie the actor’s immersion in the role and production world seems to have gone deep enough that he didn’t want to leave. Seeing sets as his world and his fellow actors as his group of friends, he was sad when it all ended.

Experience creation Scott Pilgrim vs The World helping Michael Cera come to terms with the ending of another of his projects, realizing that’s how business operates.

Michael Cera said he was “a bit depressed” when production ended, which is understandable given his almost year’s investment in not just the story and characters, but the production environment itself. When his friends all left and split up to work on other projects, the young actor felt left out. As he got older and spent more time in the film industry, he began to come to terms with the fact that this was how the film business worked.

Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead In Scott Pilgrim vs. World

As time went on, Michael Cera grew in his understanding of the strange truth that movie sets are often intimate environments that feel deeply connected but only temporary experiences. Although some of the cast have stayed in touch over the years and some have even become close friends for life, this is an exception. Usually, it doesn’t matter how great the experience on set is, as all the actors and crew move on to other projects and tend not to stay connected.

Michael Cera and all Scott Pilgrim vs. World the cast reunites for the Netflix anime remake of the groundbreaking film.

Still, Michael Cera said that, although the production was “tiring”, he was still sad that it was over and he had to lose that close connection. He could go on making films for what he said, “forever.” Thankfully, he’ll be revisiting Scott Pilgrim soon.

Netflix recently aired a teaser for the anime series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, which will again feature Michel Cera in the titular role. Her cast mates from the 2010 film will also join her on the series. Premieres on Netflix on November 17.

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