On her 48th birthday, Mini Mathur is working on ‘what’s best for my body’ with naturopathy; know more

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According to Dr K Shanmugam, assistant chief medical officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute, naturopathy is one of the most effective systems of “alternative medicine”.

mini mathurMini Mathur is enjoying his birthday at a wellness retreat (Source: Mini Mathur/Instagram)

Mini Mathur who is one year older today shares that he is ready to “reset” his body and mind and spend a different birthday in the lap of nature.

“My next journey around the sun starts today. And I want to start with Thanksgiving. For my body it allows me to live a beautiful life… allows me to jump in waterfalls, climb mountains, give birth, wear what I love, drink tequila and travel and taste a million flavors, smell potions… makes me feel joy until my heart breaks , can cry sadly, hug my children, my friends and family,” said the 48-year-old TV presenter and actor.

“Time to say thank you guys…So yeah…the next ten days will be determined by what’s best for my body. Naturopathy, follow circadian rhythm, fasting, yoga, therapy, and the raw organic diet. It’s just the reset I need to be able to do the million things I want to do,” added Mini, whose vlog shows her enjoying my time at a health resort.

She also shared a glimpse of her bed and wrote, “The only cake I got today is on my bed. On, not logged in.”

Take a peek at Mini Mathur’s birthday celebration (Source: Mini Mathur/Instagram Stories)

Take a leaf MiniAs we spend time with nature, we decide to explore more about naturopathy.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is one of the most effective systems of alternative medicine. “It is based on the principle that diseases can be prevented and treated without drug intervention, using holistic techniques that consider all factors affecting the patient, not just treating the symptoms,” said Dr K Shanmugam, assistant chief medical officer, Jindal Institute of Natural Healing.

According to the expert, naturopaths understand the influence of physical, environmental, social, and psychological factors on patients and prescribe lifestyle changes using “a well-researched combination of exercise, diet, natural remedies, and detoxification methods.”

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They integrate medical diagnostics with various natural therapies, adds Dr Shanmugam. “Naturopathy successfully determines whether a patient has a predisposition to certain medical conditions. Their treatment includes exercise therapy, diet therapy, education and counseling on lifestyle changes, hydrotherapy, and mind-body techniques such as meditation and yoga.”

Given that as we age our bodies are exposed to greater oxidative stress and free radical damage even though their ability to repair and recover slows down, Dr Shanmugam said it was important to take precautions including dietary adjustments.

He recommends consuming vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts which are rich in nutrients and keep the immune system healthy. “Vegetables like Broccolicabbage, and kale support good liver function, which is important for natural detoxification,” says Dr Shanmugam.

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