The best gluten free pasta for intolerant foodies

The best gluten free pasta for intolerant foodies


there’s nothing like diving into a big bowl of pasta at the end of a long day. Rain or shine, versatile home-cooked meals always hit the spot — whether it’s a filling spaghetti dish, a healthy summer salad, or a full-fledged carb feast.

However, for those who are gluten intolerant, pasta is quite the problem. Over the years, gluten-free pasta has had a reputation for being a stomach-churner. Supermarkets only carry gloopy food that freezes as soon as it hits the plate. Yum.

Many gluten-free foodies choose to go without pasta, until the food market ups its game. Thanks to increased awareness about food intolerances, allergies, and conditions like IBS and Celiac disease, more and more brands are investing time and money in quality gluten-free products. The results have been overwhelming, with supermarkets including Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco and more expanding their free sections.

What’s in gluten free pasta you ask? It depends on the brand, but many choices these days are made with quinoa, corn, rice, or buckwheat.

There are pros and cons of gluten free pasta. Because it doesn’t contain gluten, a lot of packaging is often highly processed, especially the cheaper options and those with food intolerances tend to have a higher price.

However, some gluten-free pasta options are rich in amino acids that promote healthy muscles, skin, and bones. This tends to be true for grain-based pastas like buckwheat and quinoa. Bean paste, brown rice noodle paste, green bean paste, chickpea paste, spinach paste, and red lentil paste provide high protein, high fiber, and low calorie options for those looking to expand their limited appetites. Some even count as one of your five days – the results are amazing.

It’s important to note that if you have a sensitive stomach, some of these options may not suit you. This is really a case of trial and error. And if you need inspiration, you may even find that brands offer delicious recipes on the box to get you started so cooking up a storm at home has never been easier, literally.

To save you the hassle of taste-testing huge amounts of gluten-free pasta up for grabs, we’ve done the legwork for you. Find out which options tickle our taste buds and treat our tummies…

Waitrose Is Free Of Gluten Green Bean Paste


Our top pick is the Waitrose green bean paste. This low-fat, vegan-friendly product offers a light bite with a refreshing nutty flavor – perfect for summer pasta salads. While it has a bit less texture than regular pasta, it’s smooth yet delicious and would make a healthy, anti-bloating alternative to ultra-processed gluten-free pasta options.

Plus, the packaging is streamlined and made from 100 percent recycled pulses, meaning non-biodegradable plastics can be avoided at all costs. For just £2.45, you can help save the planet and your stomach.

Sainsbury’s Free From Casarecce


You’d never know that this dry Casarecce pasta is gluten-free. Sainsbury’s products are made from rice, corn and amaranth flour and feature attractive curls that are satisfying to sink into your teeth.

It has a very smooth texture when cooked al dente and is delicious when served with fresh produce. Sainsbury’s recommends a mix of oyster mushrooms, kale and toasted pine nuts. For such a reasonable price, why not give it a try?

Buckwheat Penne Sainsbury’s


Buckwheat is the kingpin of the nutritional world – and for good reason. Sainsbury’s buckwheat pasta is another nutritious and light alternative to traditional pasta and is perfect for those who aren’t a fan of the texture of pea and lentil pasta.

Serving up a more moist and spicy experience with a noodle-like taste, buckwheat paste is an acquired taste for those looking to experiment in the kitchen. It cooks quickly so it’s ideal for those in a hurry during the work week.

Sainsbury’s Free Favors From Penne


Having a food intolerance often comes at a price. Most gluten- and dairy-free products don’t come cheap, which means our taste buds and our bank accounts suffer. However, Sainsbury’s free penne is an affordable purchase for those with a family to feed.

Dry penne pasta is made from rice, corn, and quinoa flour and has a dense consistency. It’s not mushy when boiled, but when served cold the next day it will firm up, so keep that in mind. Serve with a rich tomato sauce and fresh basil for a simple and straightforward meal.

Waitrose Free Of Gluten Brown Rice Penne


Feeling hungry? Brown rice paste will make you feel full. With its subtle taste, this pasta is perfect for starting any gluten-free journey. Note, it takes time to cook (longer than 9 minutes as suggested on the box) so you should take note before snacking. We recommend serving it with broccoli, pine nuts, and pesto for meaningful green carb dreams.

Sainsbury’s Red Lentil Penne


Red lentil pasta is a hot favorite among many food intolerants – if your stomach can handle it. People with IBS should probably stay away from this one because red lentils contain oligo and fructans which are difficult to digest. However, if you have a strong stomach, then this could be the pasta for you.

Lentils, a member of the legume family, are rich in fiber and a good source of protein. A vegan must-have, they further aid in heart health and management of blood sugar levels. The Sainsbury’s offering is a light, grainy option that would make a great base for a vegetarian bolognese.

Sainsbury’s Green Bean Fusilli


Of course, food is subjective. Sainsbury’s green bean paste, while not our favorite, is still a protein-packed pasta alternative. While we prefer Waitrose’s version because it tastes more pea-like and is lighter in flavor and taste, it’s a bit cheaper for those on a shoestring budget. If a bean paste craving comes up and there’s a Waitrose nearby, you know where to go.

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